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          Since 1956, The Rodon Group has created innovative manufacturing solutions for nearly every industry and market. Our 60-plus years of experience creating custom plastic parts for a broad range of clients provides us with a unique perspective on how to manufacture high-quality, high-volume parts at the lowest possible cost.

          Regardless of your industry or application, we take great pride in finding the most efficient and cost-effective solution to your application. Below is a sampling of some of the industries we have served:







          • Bearings/Conveyers
          • Bed Frame
          • Construction/Building
          • Custom Fasteners
          • Custom Housings
          • Drive Assemblies
          • File Cabinet Hardware
          • Handles/Knobs
          • Hand Tools
          • Lawn/Garden
          • Point of Purchase Displays
          • Shower/Bath Products
          • Toys
          • Tubing Connectors
          • Tubes/Vials

          Click here to view images of our industry part examples.

          Resource Library

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