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          Our U.S. manufacturing and plastic molding capabilities have been nationally recognized over the years. In November, 2012, The Rodon Group had the honor of welcoming President Obama to our facility.

          We have been featured in national and industry publications such as those listed below. You can read more about us on our In the News or Press Release page.

          For press inquiries, please contact Jill Worth at marketing@rodongroup.com.

          • The Wall Street Journal
          • The Associated Press
          • Philadelphia Inquirer
          • Marketplace
          • FOX Business News
          • USA Today
          • American Express
          • CNBC
          • Wal-Mart Blog
          • Society of the Plastics Industry
          • ThomasNet
          • Plastics News
          • Plastics Technology
          • Plastics Today
          • Design News
          • Industry Week
          • MoldMaking Technology

          Our Capabilities

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